Design Services

Optimized FPGA Design on time and on budget. The FPGA experts at Impulse Accelerated design in most software and hardware languages. The skills that Impulse built up over 12 years of helping with hundreds of design starts make us experts at adapting software code to accelerated operation on FPGA regardless of language. Trust us to adapt your code to FPGA, or deliver designs to your specifications. on-time and on-budget. Typical project types include:

Performance – Fast is good. Impulse excels at minimizing latency, maximizing frame rates or other throughput and ensuring that your system runs at the fastest speed it can. Typical solutions involve “heterogeneous” design wherein everything possible remains in HLL, with critical or widely propagated elements sometimes re-segregated into hand-refined HDL modules.System On Chip – These systems feature logic running on embedded processors, and optimized logic in the FPGA fabric. The available microprocessor may run as a microcontroller or “traffic cop” for high speed logic. FPGAs offer great, low-cost means of getting flexible systems to market with low footprint and low power.Board Support & Integration – Impulse can deploy applications on a COTS FPGA-based card. This can include writing the BSP to access memory, I/O, cameras and other hardware features. As part of the effort, Impulse will create a framework and will train you to be able to insert your own proprietary logic into this system.

How to Work with Impulse

  1. Analysis – We work with you to analyze your project for potential parallelism. Use the contact form to schedule an informal architectural discussion with Impulse Engineering. If you decide to proceed, we will sign a mutual NDA so we can consult freely on your design. 
  2. Profile – Impulse will work with you to identify which areas of your design will accelerate most through FPGA based parallelization. 8 hours is included in the standard engagement. We can also advise on optimal portions to offload from CPU or GPU.
  3. Develop an Achievable Specification – Impulse will work with your team to develop functional, cost and performance specifications. 8 hours is included in the standard engagement.
  4. Initiate Design Services – Impulse works to the specification to port your code for your first design. Impulse engineers will refactor your microprocessor oriented C code for efficient compilation into FPGA. 
  5. Evaluate the Tools Yourself – At any time you may evaluate Impulse C for free for 30 days using the form below. Requests must come from a current student or corporate e-mail address.

Contact Impulse to arrange a no-pressure chat with an engineer. We can help you understand how your current system architecture will translate to FPGA and what the potential acceleration or power savings are.