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ATT Secure Family Review 2024: Must-Read! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

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Name: AT&T Secure Family

Description: AT&T Secure Family app offers reliable family tracking, screen time management, and content filtering, ensuring kids' online safety and providing parents with peace of mind.

Offer price: 7.99

Currency: USD


Personal Summary Experience

Overall, the AT&T Secure Family app has significantly enhanced our family's digital safety. Its intuitive features and dependable performance make it a valuable tool for parents.

  • πŸ“± Device Compatibility: iOS & Android
  • πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Monitoring: Location tracking, app usage
  • ⏱️ Screen Time Management: Customizable limits
  • πŸ”” Real-time Alerts: Location and activity notifications
  • 🚫 Content Filtering: Block inappropriate websites and apps
  • πŸ‘ͺ Family Locator: Real-time location of family members
  • πŸ”„ History Reports: Detailed activity logs
  • 🌐 Geofencing: Set safe and restricted zones
  • πŸ”’ Security: Encrypted data transmission
  • πŸ’¬ Customer Support: 24/7 Live Chat and Phone Support
  • πŸ”„ Backup: Automatic data backup
  • πŸ‘₯ Parental Controls: Comprehensive management tools
  • Features & Functionality
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance & Reliability
  • Compatibility
  • Privacy & Security
  • Customization Options
  • Customer Support
  • Value for Money


  • πŸ—ΊοΈ Accurate family location tracking
  • ⏰ Effective screen time management
  • πŸ” Comprehensive content filtering
  • πŸ“± Easy-to-use interface
  • πŸ“… Scheduling capabilities


  • πŸ’΅ Subscription costs
  • ⚠️ Occasional app crashes
  • ⏳ Delayed notifications sometimes
  • 🌐 Requires continuous internet connection
  • πŸ“ž Limited customer support availability

In an increasingly digital age, parents grapple with managing their children's online presence and safeguarding them from a range of cyber threats. This is where AT&T Secure Family app comes into play. Designed as a comprehensive tool for parental management, the AT&T Secure Family app provides parents with the ability to not only track their children’s location but also regulate their internet access and app usage. Don't worry, in this ATT Secure Family review, I'll answer some of your most pressing questions.

Tailored for AT&T customers, the Secure Family service replaces the former Smart Limits app and introduces a wide array of features aimed at ensuring the digital and physical safety of family members. From location tracking and internet pause to content filtering and time limits, AT&T Secure Family app helps to cultivate healthy digital habits. It offers valuable peace of mind to parents wanting to protect their children in the online world.

Moreover, the app's functionality extends to accommodate up to 10 family members and 30 devices, making it versatile for families of varying sizes. To understand its efficiency, cost-effective pricing, and ease of use, it's essential to delve into what sets this service apart and how it stands to benefit your family.

Key Takeaways

  • The AT&T Secure Family app is designed to help parents effectively manage their children's digital and physical safety.
  • It includes features like location tracking, content filtering, internet access regulation, and sets time limits on device usage.
  • The app encompasses the capacity to support multiple family members and devices, indicative of its versatility and adaptive design.

Overview of AT&T Secure Family

As an expert in parental control applications, I will discuss the key aspects and functionalities of AT&T Secure Family, an app designed to assist parents in managing their children's digital activities and ensuring their safety.

What Is AT&T Secure Family?

AT&T Secure Family is a comprehensive parental control app that allows me to monitor and manage my children's online activities effectively. It's offered by AT&T, a known telecommunication company, providing me the tools to keep track of my family's digital footprint. With this app, I ensure my loved ones navigate the web safely and maintain a healthy digital diet.

Features of AT&T Secure Family

The features of AT&T Secure Family are diverse and cater to a range of parental concerns:

  • Location Tracking: I can view my family's whereabouts and receive alerts.
  • Internet Filtering: The app allows me to filter unsuitable content, ensuring a safe online experience.
  • Screen Time Management: I have the ability to set limits on device usage, which is invaluable in enforcing bedtime or homework hours.
  • App Controls: It's possible for me to block or limit access to certain apps, which is a key aspect of digital parenting.

In addition, AT&T Secure Family integrates seamlessly with AT&T services, offering me a streamlined experience as an AT&T customer. The control features extend from limiting internet access to monitoring communication, ensuring comprehensive management of my family's digital environment.

Parental Control and Management

In the age of digital parenting, I find that robust tools are critical for ensuring the safety and well-being of children online and offline. As such, I utilise AT&T Secure Family to keep tabs on my kids' digital interactions and physical whereabouts.

Screen Time and App Usage

For screen time and app management, I rely on AT&T Secure Family to help me set boundaries. I can seamlessly manage my child's screen time and review their app usage. This ensures that homework and sleep aren't compromised by excessive screen activity. The app provides detailed reports, so I know which apps are being used and for how long.

Content Filtering and Blocking

With content filtering, the task of shielding eyes from inappropriate content becomes less daunting. I possess the ability to filter and block adult content, setting up a safe virtual environment for my family. Additionally, I can pre-emptively block access to specific apps that I deem unsuitable for my children.

Location Tracking for Safety

An invaluable feature I employ is location tracking, which grants peace of mind regarding my family's safety. The AT&T Secure Family app allows me to keep track of my kids' whereabouts with features like location history and real-time device location tracking. I also receive safety alerts when they enter or leave a defined zone, such as school or home. This level of location management is remarkably precise and operates effectively within the AT&T network coverage area.

Family Peace of Mind Features

att secure family review
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So how does AT&T Secure Family work? In this section of my AT&T Secure Family review, I'll detail the features of the AT&T Secure Family app that contribute to family peace of mind, particularly focusing on location alerts and the ability to communicate in emergencies.

Location Alerts and Safety Areas

The AT&T Secure Family app provides me with location alerts that notify me when family members arrive at or leave designated locations. This means I can be immediately informed if my children reach school safely or if they leave a saved safety area, like a relative's home. It's a discreet way to stay updated without needing to call or text.

SOS and Emergency Communication

In case of an emergency, the app's SOS alert functionality allows my family members to instantly notify me with their location. This urgent communication tool is invaluable, giving both the sender and receiver a layer of safety and immediate awareness during critical situations.

Monitoring and Reporting

In my comprehensive AT&T Secure Family app review, I will detail the monitoring and reporting features which are crucial for parents seeking to manage their children's digital experience.

Activity Timeline and Historical Data

The app provides a detailed Activity Timeline, enabling me to view my child's phone usage history. I can see which apps they've used and for how long, giving me insight into their digital habits. This history helps me understand their mobile activity patterns and provides a basis for conversations about responsible usage.

Customisable Notifications and Alerts

What I find particularly useful are the Customisable Notifications and Alerts. The app allows me to set up alerts for various activities, such as when my child arrives at or leaves a specific location. This real-time location tracking ensures that I'm informed of my child's whereabouts without constantly checking the app. These notifications can be tailored to my preferences, ensuring that I am only alerted to the activities and events that I deem important.

Ease of Use

When I first downloaded the AT&T Secure Family app, I found the installation straightforward. My subsequent navigation through the app was intuitive, which suggests the design prioritises user-friendliness. Setting up the parental controls did not require extensive technical know-how, as the instructions were clear and simple to follow.

The user interface is clean and logically structured, making it effortless to locate different features. I quickly learned how to track family member locations and manage content filters. For parents who wish to monitor and limit their children's online exposure, toggles and switches are easily accessible and responsive.

In my experience, the AT&T Secure Family features include setting up alerts and time restrictions, which I found to be particularly useful. The process was reassuringly secure and did not leave me feeling overwhelmed.

Regarding the accuracy of location tracking, I noted that the service performs well within the AT&T coverage area. The app provided timely updates, which contributed to a sense of reliability.

Regarding the cost, after the initial 30-day free trial, the service charges a monthly fee. I believe the expense is justified given the comprehensive suite of parental management tools at disposal.

Overall, the app's convenience factor is high, and I would recommend it to parents seeking a robust digital oversight tool for their family's online and physical security.

Setting Up the Secure Family ATT App

In setting up the AT&T Secure Family App, it's important to follow the correct procedures to ensure a smooth installation and configuration for your family's digital safety needs.

Downloading and Installing

Firstly, I download the ATT Family Secure App from the AT&T website or my device's app store. After initiating the download, I follow the prompts to install the app on my phone. During installation, I might be asked to grant certain permissions that enable the app's features to function properly, such as location tracking and internet access.

Adding Family Members

Once the app is installed, I proceed to add family members. The AT&T Secure Family App allows me to support up to 10 family members across multiple devices. To add a family member, I select ‘Add Family Member' within the app, input their name, and link their phone number to the system. During this stage, I might encounter issues if a family member's device is not compatible or if there are network restrictions; however, these can usually be resolved by checking device compatibility or adjusting network settings.

Software Performance

Evaluating ATT Secure Family app, I find its content filtering to be robust. It effectively limits access to inappropriate content, providing peace of mind regarding online safety. The monitoring capabilities stand out, permitting the tracking of family member locations with a high degree of accuracy.

While using the Secure Family app, I notice it seamlessly integrates with my device ecosystem. Its ability to manage screen time is straightforward, allowing for simple adjustments that help ensure a healthy digital environment for children.

Regarding cost, the AT&T Secure Family service isn't free, but I consider the features it offers, such as app blocking and internet pausing, to justify the expense. The performance-to-cost ratio feels reasonable, as there's an initial 30-day free trial followed by a monthly fee.

I also explore how the parental controls work in practice, finding that they reliably manage my children's online activity. The app operates smoothly in the background without noticeable lag or impact on my device performance.

As to the precision of location tracking, AT&T Secure Family proves highly dependable. It consistently provides accurate updates on my family's whereabouts, reinforcing the overall functionality of the app.

In sum, the app's performance across various dimensionsβ€”from content filtering and location tracking to overall usability and costβ€”meets my expectations. It aligns with AT&T's commitment to digital and physical security for the whole family.

Compatibility and Requirements

In ensuring the AT&T Secure Family app functions seamlessly, I'll clarify the compatibility with various devices and carriers, and the technical requirements necessary for using the app.

Device and Carrier Compatibility

The AT&T Secure Family app is primarily designed to operate within AT&T's coverage area and is intended for use by AT&T wireless customers. This includes compatibility with a wide array of smartphones and tablets that utilise AT&T's network. However, the app has been extended to also work with another network: Cricket Wireless. When incorporating parental control features on the app, I must ensure all parent and child devices are either on AT&T or Cricket Wireless to avoid any compatibility conflicts.

The service typically employs both Wi-Fi and GPS technologies to offer precise location tracking and a comprehensive parental control experience. It is imperative to consider that a few features may not operate outside the United States or in areas devoid of AT&T network coverage.

Technical Prerequisites

To effectively use AT&T Secure Family, the parent app needs to be installed on a parent's device, while each child device must have the companion app. It's crucial for these devices to meet the minimum operating system requirements for optimal functionality, and regularly updating the app ensures access to the latest features and improvements.

I must highlight the importance of reading and understanding any legal disclaimers regarding the use of the app, particularly concerning privacy and data usage policies. Furthermore, a stable Wi-Fi or data connection is vital for real-time updates, especially for location tracking and managing online content.

For the cost-conscious, it's important to note that after an initial 30-day free trial, the service charges apply. The monthly cost covers up to 10 family members and 30 devices, which can be deemed reasonable for a comprehensive parental control app like this.

Cost and Subscription Plans

So how much does AT&T Secure Family cost? Understanding the cost and flexibility of subscription plans is crucial when considering the AT&T Secure Family app to ensure it aligns with my budget and needs.

Pricing Structure

ATT Secure Family cost comes with a straightforward pricing structure. After a free initial 30-day period, the service is priced at $7.99 per month. This supports up to 10 family members and up to 30 devices, giving comprehensive coverage to keep the whole family safe and connected.

Initial vs. Renewal Rates

Is AT&T Secure Family free? No. The monthly cost of $7.99 remains consistent upon renewal following the free trial period. There's no increase in rates after the introductory offer, therefore what I see initially is what I'll pay moving forward.

Comparison to Industry Standard

Comparatively, the industry standard for similar cellphone-based family safety applications varies, but AT&T Secure Family's pricing is competitive, considering it covers numerous devices and includes features like location tracking and content filtering.

Additional Costs

There are no hidden charges with the AT&T Secure Family plan; the given rate includes all the app's features. However, if I exceed the maximum number of supported devices, additional costs may apply.

Payment Options

Payments are automatically billed to my AT&T account each month, offering convenience as I don't have to manually handle this each billing cycle.

Contract Terms: Options to Cancel Anytime

I appreciate the flexibility with no long-term contract involved; I can cancel anytime if the service no longer meets my needs or expectations.

Free Trial

AT&T Secure Family offers a 30-day free trial, allowing me to explore and evaluate the app's capabilities before I commit financially.

Refund policy and money-back guarantee

While there isn't a specific refund policy detailed, the nature of the monthly subscription means I'm not bound beyond each paid month, with the ability to opt-out before the next billing cycle.

Promotional Deals or Discounts

AT&T occasionally introduces promotional deals or discounts for its services. I might benefit from additional cost savings if such promotions are available at the time of subscription.

Support and Customer Service

In my experience, the customer support for AT&T's Secure Family app is quite comprehensive, offering various resources to assist users. I've found their responsiveness to be timely and the help provided to be quite adequate.

Accessing Help and Support

Whenever I need assistance with the AT&T Secure Family app, I often turn to their FAQs and support pages. These resources are easy to navigate and provide a wealth of information on common issues and troubleshooting steps. For direct assistance, I can contact customer service through the app, which connects me with a support representative.

User Guides and Assistance

The app also includes user guides and tutorials, which I've used to familiarise myself with the app's features and functions. These user guides are quite helpful for setup and daily use, presenting step-by-step instructions for managing my family's digital safety.

Technical Troubleshooting

In my experience with the AT&T Secure Family app, there are a couple of pivotal steps users can take to maintain optimal performance and troubleshoot common issues.

Common Issues and Fixes

GPS Running in the Background: Sometimes, the app may not function properly because the GPS isn't running in the background. Ensure that your device's location services are enabled. This is crucial for the app to track phones effectively, but be aware that persistent use of GPS can decrease battery life.

  • Battery Life: If you notice a significant drain on your battery, consider checking app permissions and disable unnecessary background activity.


  • If the app is not working on any devices, the quickest fix can be to clear the cache and data on an Android device, or delete and reinstall the app on an Apple device, as suggested in an AT&T community forum discussion.
  • Should the problem persist, a device restart could help the app recover from any temporary glitches.

Updates and Maintaining the App

Updates: Just like any other app, the AT&T Secure Family app needs to be updated regularly. Not only do updates bring new features or aesthetic changes, but they also come with bug fixes and performance improvements. Check for updates in your respective app store and install them promptly.

  • Maintaining: To avoid disruptions, always grant necessary permissions after updates, and periodically review app settings to ensure that everything is configured to my preference.

It's important to remember that to benefit from all of the AT&T Secure Family features, your device should be kept up to date, not just to improve the stability of the app but for your device's overall security and functionality.

By following these guidelines, I've been able to reduce the number of issues encountered and maintain a seamless experience with the app.

Privacy and Security

In discussing the privacy and security of the AT&T Secure Family app, it's crucial to examine how the service handles user data and the robustness of its security features. As a user, knowing the specifics of these aspects helps ensure that personal information is protected and that security is not compromised.

User Privacy Policy

I’ve perused the privacy policy of the AT&T Secure Family app, which states that protection of personal information is a priority. The policy outlines that certain information is collected, including location data and usage statistics, which are necessary for the app to function and provide parental control services. It's important to understand that while the app gathers data for its intended use, AT&T claims to have measures in place that aim to safeguard user privacy, ensuring that the personal information is handled responsibly. Users should review this policy to ensure they're comfortable with the data being collected and its use.

Security Features Integration

The AT&T Secure Family app integrates with AT&T ActiveArmor Advanced Mobile Security, aiming to provide a more comprehensive security solution. The security features include the ability to monitor and restrict content access, manage screen time, and track family members' locations with accuracy. The Secure Family FAQ highlights that the app utilises encryption and other security protocols designed to protect the information it handles. Moreover, the app's location tracking feature implements measures to enhance precision while striving not to intrude excessively on the user's privacy. I find that the security aspect is given due consideration, though users should regularly verify that the features are functioning as they should to maintain their peace of mind.

Legal Considerations and Agreements

In my review of the AT&T Secure Family service, it's vital to understand the legal framework that governs its use. From the user agreements to the accompanying disclaimers, each document plays a crucial role in defining the relationship between the user and service provider.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

I've scrutinised the EULA, which is a contractual agreement between AT&T and the user of the Secure Family app. It outlines the scope of permitted app use, stipulates restrictions, and details the rights of both parties involved. Users are strictly bound to the terms set out in the EULA, which should be read carefully to ensure compliance and understanding of the conditions set forth.

Disclaimers and Legal Notices

The app does come with legal disclaimers, underscoring that while the service aims to provide a robust safety and ATT Secure Family parental controls solution, there are inherent limitations. The accuracy of location tracking and the effectiveness of content filters, for instance, may vary. These disclaimers and legal notices are important to acknowledge, as they set realistic expectations and clarify the extent of AT&T's liabilities.

Limitations and Drawbacks

Moreover, users must be aware of both the app's potential and its bounds. For example:

  • Location Services: While AT&T Secure Family offers location tracking, its precision is contingent upon several factors including GPS availability and network coverage.
  • Network Dependency: The functionality of the Secure Family service is reliant on AT&T's network; hence, performance issues may arise if there are network disruptions or connectivity issues.

I encourage users to become familiar with the limitations and to use the service within the realistic scope of its capabilities. Appreciating these boundaries helps in setting appropriate expectations and minimises the potential for misunderstandings.

Reputation: User ATT Secure Family Reviews and Testimonials

How accurate is AT&T Secure Family? In exploring the AT&T Secure Family app, I've scoured various platforms to garner user insights. Testimonials often highlight how the app affords parents the ability to monitor their children's online activities, offering a combination of location tracking, content filtering, and screen time management.

On Trustpilot, a number of parents commend the Secure Family app for its utility in keeping a watchful eye on their offsprings' digital footprints, contributing to peace of mind.

Whilst surfing through Reddit, I stumbled upon threads where users have praised the app's location tracking accuracy, though some have mentioned occasional glitches. Here, the discourse seems mixed, with a handful of users expressing dissatisfaction primarily due to technical issues they've encountered.

  • Location Tracking: Users find this feature particularly accurate and dependable.
  • Content Filtering & Blocking: Parents appreciate the ability to filter out undesirable content.
  • App Management: Mixed reviews are evident here; while some find it effective, others cite technical challenges.

To give you a clearer picture, here’s what some individuals have shared:

  • β€œThe app significantly simplifies my family’s digital routines.”
  • β€œEncountered some hiccups with app blocking, but support was helpful.”
  • β€œThe cost after the free trial seems reasonable for the service provided.”

As I perused these experiences, I noted the general sentiment towards the app is positive, though not without some critiques. It’s not uncommon to see mentions of intermittent technical issues or the need for occasional troubleshooting. As for accuracy, several testimonials alluded to its reliability, with only rare exceptions pointing out discrepancies in the location service.

In terms of cost, the majority of feedback acknowledges the app's price point after the initial free trial period as fair, given the comprehensive features offered.

Thus, when assessing AT&T Secure Family's reputation, it rests on the fulcrum of generally favourable user feedback, interspersed with a few technical gripes.

Enhancing Digital Habits

In today's connected world, fostering positive digital habits is crucial for children's development. The AT&T Secure Family app provides tools to help me manage my family's online behaviour effectively.

Creating Healthy Screen Time Routines

I've found setting screen time limits is an essential step in cultivating good digital habits within my family. The AT&T Secure Family app allows me to customise these limits based on my children's needs and daily schedules. I can specify ‘Homework Time' or ‘Bedtime' settings to ensure that my kids are not distracted by their devices during critical hours. By consistently implementing these screen time limits, I help my children understand the importance of moderation and self-discipline in their digital consumption.

Implementing Educational Restrictions

The app's age-appropriate settings enable me to filter content and ensure my children have access to educational and safe online materials. I can tailor these restrictions to each child's age and maturity level, which is incredibly reassuring. I also use the app to block inappropriate apps and websites, while occasionally rewarding my kids with additional screen time for positive behaviour. By utilising these settings, I actively engage in shaping their digital environment to foster good digital habits and a focus on learning.

Familiarising oneself with these features is not merely a preventive measure but a proactive strategy. The AT&T Secure Family app is a tool I use not just to limit but also to guide and enhance my family's digital experience.

Conclusion and Personal Recommendation

In assessing the AT&T Secure Family app, I have carefully considered its functionality, cost, and overall value for parents seeking digital supervision and family safety.

Personal Experience

My direct experience with the AT&T Secure Family app informs me of its comprehensive tracking and ATT parental controls. From its real-time location tracking to its screen time management features, this app stands as a solid choice for parents prioritising oversight and safety.

Whom is this best for? What is this best used for?

Best for: Parents looking for sophisticated parental controls and location tracking for their children.
Best used for: Managing children's screen time, filtering content, and ensuring their digital and physical safety.

Whom is this now best for? What is this not best used for?

Not best for: Individuals outside the AT&T network or those seeking basic monitoring tools.
Not used for: It is not intended for use as a spy tool on unaware individuals or for international location tracking.


For families not on the AT&T network or looking for different features:

  • Verizon Smart Family – Comparable service for Verizon customers.
  • Google Family Link – A free alternative for basic parental controls.
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Final Word

Considering the balance of features and the AT&T Secure Family cost, I find it to be a worthwhile investment for parents under the AT&T umbrella. Its accuracy and ease of use make it a reliable tool in the realm of digital parenting. However, for those outside the network or requiring less extensive features, free alternatives might suffice.

Frequently Asked Questions

In my experience with reviewing apps and services, I've found that a comprehensive FAQ section is invaluable. Below, I address some specific queries about the AT&T Secure Family service.

What features are included in the AT&T Secure Family package?

The AT&T Secure Family package provides a suite of tools for managing your family's digital safety. These include location alerts, the ability to manage screen time, and content filters to limit access to inappropriate material online.

How can I contact AT&T Secure Family customer service for assistance?

For assistance with the AT&T Secure Family service, you can visit the official AT&T support page, which offers an extensive list of FAQs, live chat, and contact information for further support.

How does the AT&T Secure Family service integrate with my existing family plan?

AT&T Secure Family is designed to work seamlessly with your existing AT&T family plan. It allows for monitoring and control of up to 10 family members' devices, enhancing the benefits of your current service package.

How can I track orders through AT&T, and does this relate to the Secure Family service?

Order tracking through AT&T is typically done through their standard account management system and is separate from the Secure Family service. Secure Family focuses on device and content management rather than order processing.

What should I do if I encounter issues signing in to the Secure Family platform?

If you encounter sign-in issues with the Secure Family platform, the best course of action is to reference the FAQ section specific to the Secure Family service for troubleshooting steps or resetting your credentials.

What steps should I take to cancel my AT&T Secure Family subscription?

To cancel your AT&T Secure Family subscription, you can do so at any time via your AT&T account. The process is straightforward and can be done without incurring additional fees, providing flexibility for your family's needs.

That's All For Now;

We appreciate you taking the time to read our in-depth AT&T Secure Family review. We appreciate your interest in maintaining the security of your digital life and hope this information has been helpful. To stay on top of the digital curve, we invite you to return for more news and reviews on cybersecurity software. Please feel free to read the articles linked below for further information and insight. Observe internet safety!


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