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πŸ”₯ 2024 Kaspersky Safe Kids Review: Unveil Top Parental Controls! 🌟

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Name: Kaspersky Safe Kids

Description: Kaspersky Safe Kids provides comprehensive parental control solutions. Set screen time limits, monitor online activities, block inappropriate content, and track location, ensuring a secure and supervised digital environment for your child

Offer price: 16.99

Currency: $


Personal Summary Conclusion:

I have tested the Kaspersky Safe Kids Parental Control App for more than 1 month, I can tell you this is one of the best parental control apps available in the market. The app provides a wide range of features that allow parents to monitor and control their child's online activities effectively. From setting screen time limits to blocking inappropriate websites, Kaspersky Safe Kids offers comprehensive protection and peace of mind for parents. Additionally, its user-friendly interface and seamless integration make it a top choice for families looking to ensure a safe and secure digital environment for their children.

  • πŸŽ›οΈ Complete Control: With Kaspersky Safe Kids, you can block harmful sites and content, ensuring your little ones are browsing safely.
  • πŸ“± Wide Compatibility: Compatible with Android, iOS, and even Windows. Truly device-agnostic!
  • ⏰ Time Management: Manage screen time like a pro. Get reports, set limits, and more.
  • 🚫 Content Filtering: No more stumbling into the bad corners of the internet. Safe search is here.
  • πŸ•΅οΈ Usage Tracking: Track your child's location and set safe areas with geofencing features.
  • πŸŒ™ Bedtime: Ensure your kids get the sleep they need by setting device downtime hours.
  • πŸ’€ Pause the Internet: Family dinner time? Pause the Internet and keep distractions at bay.
  • πŸ’Ό Safe Search: Kaspersky's got this one nailed too. Clean search results, always.
  • πŸ” Privacy Focused: Trust is key. Kaspersky promises to keep your family's data secure.
  • πŸ‘₯ Profile Customization: Adjust settings for each child’s profile for tailored protection.
  • πŸ“ž Customer Support: Got an issue? Reach out, they’ve got you covered 24/7.
  • πŸ’΅ Flexible Pricing: With monthly and yearly subscription options, there's something for every budget.
  • πŸ†“ Free Trial: Test the waters with a 7-day free trial. No strings attached.
  • πŸŽ‰ Promotional Deals: Holiday deals and specials can save you some serious coin.
  • Features & Functionality
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance & Reliability
  • Compatibility
  • Privacy & Security
  • Customization Options
  • Customer Support
  • Value for Money


  • Β Kaspersky Safe Kids effectively filters inappropriate content, ensuring a safer online environment for children.
  • Offers reliable geolocation tracking, helping parents monitor their child's whereabouts.
  • Β Allows parents to manage app usage, promoting responsible device usage.
  • Helps establish healthy screen time limits, fostering a balanced digital lifestyle.


  • Β Some users may be uncomfortable with the level of data collection necessary for features like geolocation tracking.
  • Β May not be available on all devices or platforms, limiting its effectiveness for comprehensive family protection.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, parental control applications have become indispensable tools for ensuring the safety and security of families. Among these apps, Kaspersky Safe Kids has emerged as a prominent player, garnering attention and generating discussions among tech enthusiasts, parents, and guardians.

With its primary objective of safeguarding children in the online world, Kaspersky Safe Kids has gained popularity for its robust features and ability to monitor and control various aspects of children's digital activities. In my Kaspersky Safe Kids review, I aim to explore the multiple aspects of this software and equip you with comprehensive knowledge. 

Parental control applications such as Kaspersky Kids Safe serve a crucial function in cultivating digital literacy and advancing online safety, in addition to their tracking functionalities. The app Kaspersky Safe Kids has been frequently commended in reviews for its ability to foster transparent communication and build trust between parents and their offspring.

The application facilitates a feeling of assurance and tranquility, empowering parents to instruct their offspring on the importance of responsible utilization of digital resources and inculcating positive online behavior. 

This article will comprehensively examine the characteristics, efficacy, adaptability, cost, and everything you need to know about this parental control software. By the end of this review, you will understand the features and capabilities of Kaspersky Kids Safe and whether it is the best choice for your kids or not.

Overview of Kaspersky Safe Kids

kaspersky safe kids home page

Kaspersky Safe Kids parental control, created by Kaspersky, a reputable cybersecurity company with a solid reputation in the industry, Kaspersky Safe Kids is a parental control software that has received widespread recognition. Kaspersky has emerged as a prominent figure in the realm of digital security, owing to its extensive experience safeguarding users' online privacy. The organization has garnered a reputation for delivering dependable and efficacious solutions.

The credibility of Kaspersky as a company enhances the trustworthiness of Kaspersky Safe Kids. The proficiency of the individuals in the field of cybersecurity and their dedication towards safeguarding users instill a sense of assurance in the software's capability to fulfill its commitments. Kaspersky's established history of creating durable and dependable solutions serves to enhance the legitimacy of Kaspersky Kids Safe.

The software has received favorable feedback from users who have utilized it for safeguarding their children's well-being and protection in the online realm. The testimonials and reviews offered by satisfied users attest to the software's effectiveness and dependability. Kaspersky Child Protection provides a diverse array of features and functionalities that enable parents to effectively monitor and manage their children's online activities, thereby instilling a sense of ease and assurance.

Features and Functionality

In my Kaspersky Safe Kids review, I found it provides an extensive array of features and functionalities to aid parents in the management and surveillance of their offspring's digital pursuits. Although the discussion of features was previously omitted in my response, it is imperative to furnish a synopsis of the software's functionalities.

The following are notable attributes and capabilities I found in my Kaspersky Safe Kids review:

  1. Content Filtering: Safe Kids parental control software provides parents with the ability to establish content filtering mechanisms that restrict access to unsuitable websites and eliminate potentially hazardous or explicit content.
  1. App and Device Usage Control: Parents can exercise control over their children's screen time by imposing restrictions on device usage and regulating access to particular applications or games.
  1. Social Media Monitoring Kaspersky Safe Kids enables parents to engage in social media monitoring of their children's online activities, encompassing messaging, posts, and friend solicitations, thereby furnishing them with valuable perspectives into their digital interactions.
  1. Geolocation Tracking: The software provides a geolocation tracking feature that enables parents to monitor the real-time location of their children and receive notifications upon their entry or exit from predetermined geographical boundaries.
  1. Safe Search: Kaspersky Safe Kids offers safe search functionality that effectively screens out unsuitable content from search engine results, thereby promoting a secure online browsing encounter.
  1. YouTube Monitoring: The monitoring of YouTube usage by parents is a viable option for regulating their children's online activities. This includes the ability to oversee search history, exercise control over access to inappropriate videos or channels, and implement necessary restrictions.
  1. Instant Messaging Monitoring: The software offers the capability to supervise and regulate the instant messaging applications used by minors, guaranteeing the safety and appropriateness of their online interactions.
  1. Reporting and Alerts: Kaspersky Safe Kids provides comprehensive reporting and alert functionalities that offer insights into the online activities of children, encompassing the websites accessed, applications utilized, and duration of online engagement. Alerts and notifications are provided to parents in the event of any suspicious or inappropriate activities.
  1. Multi-Platform Support The software exhibits multi-platform compatibility, accommodating a range of devices and operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. This feature enables parents to effectively oversee their children's activities across diverse devices.
  1. Parental Control App: Kaspersky Safe Kids is a mobile application that facilitates parental control by allowing parents to oversee and regulate their children's online activities. The app is designed to be user-friendly, providing convenience and flexibility to parents who are constantly on the move.
kaspersky safe kids review features

Ease of Use

In my Kaspersky Safe Kids review, I found that the software has been developed with a focus on user-friendliness, enabling parents to easily navigate and configure the application. Several factors contribute to the user-friendly nature of the aforementioned product.

  • Intuitive Interface: The software incorporates an intuitive interface that is designed to be user-friendly, featuring lucid menus and effortless navigation. This enables parents to seamlessly access and manage the diverse range of features available.
  • Simple Setup Process: The process of configuring Kaspersky Kid Safe is uncomplicated and efficient. It is a straightforward process for parents to establish a primary account and incorporate subordinate profiles for their children, delineating the suitable configurations for each individual child.
  • Dashboard Overview: The software offers a centralized dashboard that enables parents to conveniently access essential information and controls. This summary facilitates convenient surveillance and administration of their offspring's online engagements.
  • Customizable Settings: Kaspersky Kids Safe provides adaptable and personalized configurations, affording parents the ability to customize the software to meet their individualized needs. Parents have the ability to modify various parameters such as filters, time constraints, and other settings to cater to their children's age and requirements.
  • Mobile App Convenience: The Kaspersky Safe Kids software provides a mobile application for caregivers that is accessible on both Android and iOS operating systems, thereby enhancing convenience. The application facilitates convenient accessibility to the software's functionalities, thereby empowering guardians to oversee and regulate their offspring's pursuits while on the move.
  • Clear Reports and Alerts: The software produces reports and alerts that are lucid and all-encompassing, enabling parents to monitor the online conduct of their offspring with ease. The provision of instantaneous alerts and notifications enables parents to stay apprised of any possible hazards or infringements.
  • Parental Guidance: Kaspersky Safe Kids provides parental guidance and recommendations to facilitate informed decision-making regarding the digital safety of children. The software offers suggestions and materials to augment parental comprehension of potential hazards associated with the internet and the appropriate utilization of online resources.

Kaspersky Safe Kids Installation and Setup Process

In my Kaspersky Safe Kids review, I found the setup process simple. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Go to the official Kaspersky website and navigate to the Safe Kids product page.

  2. Select the appropriate version of Kaspersky Kids Safe based on the operating system of the device you want to install it on. It supports Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

  3. Click on the download button to initiate the Kaspersky KidSafe download. Follow the prompts to save the installation file to your computer or mobile device.

  4. Locate the downloaded file and run the installer by double-clicking on it. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the installation.

  5. During the installation process, you will be prompted to create a Kaspersky account or sign in if you already have one. Provide the necessary information and create your account.

  6. After creating your account, you can add child profiles to manage their settings. Enter the required information, such as the child's name and age.

  7. Customize the settings according to your preferences and the needs of each child profile. This includes setting up content filters, time limits, and other restrictions based on age appropriateness.

  8. If you are setting up Kaspersky Safe Kids Premium on a mobile device, follow the instructions to download and install the app on your child's device. You may need to sign in to your Kaspersky account on the child's device as well.

  9. Once you have configured the settings and installed the app on the child's device, you have successfully set up Kaspersky Safe Kids. You can now start monitoring and managing your child's online activities.

Possible issues of Kaspersky Installation

  1. Ensure that your device meets the minimum system requirements for Kaspersky Safe Kids to run smoothly. Check for compatibility issues if you encounter any installation errors.
  2. A stable internet connection is necessary for downloading and installing the software. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection during the setup process.
  3. If you face any issues while creating a Kaspersky account, double-check the information you provided and try again. Ensure that you have a valid email address to register your account.
  4. Installing the Kaspersky Safe Kids app on your child's mobile device may require you to grant permission or make changes to the device settings. Follow the prompts and ensure the necessary permissions are enabled.

If you encounter any difficulties during the setup process, refer to the Kaspersky Safe Kids documentation, and online resources, or contact Kaspersky customer support for assistance.

kaspersky safe kids review set up

Software Perfomance

Kaspersky Safe Kids demonstrates strong performance in real-world scenarios, offering effective monitoring and control features to ensure the safety and well-being of children in the digital realm. Here is an evaluation of the software's performance in key areas:

  • Content Filtering: Kaspersky Safe Kids effectively filters out inappropriate content, blocking access to websites and online materials that are deemed unsuitable for children. The content filtering feature is robust and reliable, providing parents with peace of mind knowing that their children are protected from harmful content.
  • Application and Device Control: The software enables parents to set time limits and control access to specific applications and devices. It performs well in enforcing these restrictions, ensuring that children adhere to predetermined usage limits and have a balanced digital lifestyle.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Kaspersky Safe Kids provides comprehensive social media monitoring, allowing parents to keep track of their children's activities on popular social platforms. It effectively monitors chats, posts, and friend requests, providing insights into online interactions and potential risks.
  • Geolocation Tracking: The geolocation tracking feature of Kaspersky Safe Kids works efficiently, providing real-time location updates for children's devices. Parents can easily monitor their children's whereabouts and receive notifications when they enter or leave designated areas, enhancing their overall safety.
  • Reporting and Alerts: The software generates detailed reports on children's online activities, offering insights into their browsing habits, app usage, and screen time. The reporting feature is accurate and informative, empowering parents to have a comprehensive view of their children's digital behavior. Real-time alerts and notifications promptly inform parents of any suspicious or inappropriate activities.
  • Compatibility and Performance: Kaspersky Safe Kids performs well across different devices and operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It seamlessly integrates with the supported platforms, providing a consistent user experience without significant performance issues.
  • User Interface and Ease of Use: The software features an intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate, making it accessible for parents of varying technical expertise. The controls and settings are well organized, allowing parents to manage the software's features effortlessly.
kaspersky safe kids review performance


Kaspersky Safe Kids is compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems, providing flexibility and convenience for parents. Here is a breakdown of the compatibility of the software:

  1. Windows: The Kaspersky Kid Safe app supports Windows devices, including desktops, laptops, and tablets running Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7. It seamlessly integrates with the Windows operating system, allowing parents to monitor and control their child's digital activities effectively.
  2. macOS: The software is compatible with macOS devices, enabling parents to protect and manage their child's online experience on Mac computers. It supports macOS X 10.12 or later versions, ensuring compatibility with the majority of Mac devices.
  3. Android: Kaspersky KidSafe apps extend their compatibility to Android devices, including smartphones and tablets. It supports Android 4.4 KitKat and higher versions, covering a wide range of Android devices available on the market.
  4. iOS: For Apple users, the Kaspersky KidSafe app is compatible with iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. It supports iOS 11.0 or later versions, allowing parents to monitor and control their child's digital activities on iOS devices.

It's worth noting that the features and functionalities of Kaspersky Safe Kids may vary slightly across different platforms. The software aims to provide a consistent and reliable experience, ensuring that parents can effectively manage their children's online safety regardless of the device they are using.

Additionally, Kaspersky Safe Kids offers multi-device support, allowing parents to monitor and control their child's activities across multiple devices using a single account. This means parents can set up the software on multiple devices used by their child, ensuring comprehensive protection and supervision.

Before installing Kaspersky Safe Kids, it's important to review the specific system requirements and compatibility details provided by Kaspersky. This ensures that your device meets the necessary specifications to run the software smoothly and effectively.

Kaspersky Pricing

kaspersky safe kids review pricing

Plans Overview:

Kaspersky Safe Kids offers many price options to meet parents' needs. Based on device count and subscription length, pricing is flexible. Price breakdown for Kaspersky Safe Kids:

Free Version:

Kaspersky Safe Kids offers a restricted, free version. It lets parents track their kids' online activity on one device. The free version offers content screening, app control, and screen time monitoring.

Premium Version:

Kaspersky Safe Kids' premium version adds features and capabilities. The subscription-based premium version gives more monitoring and control.

The number of devices and subscription length affect premium version pricing. The subscription price starts at $35.99 per year for one device, which can increase based on the number of devices you add.

Initial Vs. Renewal Rates:

You can easily renew any of your plans at the same rate as your purchase price because renewal rates are almost identical to initial rates. (Be sure to verify that the price hasn't gone up recently.)

Comparison to Industry Standard:

You may feel that this software is a bit pricey when compared to the rest of the market, but the features it offers more than makeup for the cost.

Additional Costs:

The company does not imply any additional charges. You can only spend on more subscriptions, other than that there are no additional costs.

Payment Options:

You can use your VISA, Master, American Express card, or PayPal account to pay for your subscription.

Contract Terms:

There are no rigid or unreasonable conditions attached to this subscription. To be on the safe side, you can just choose the subscription option and try to read the terms of service.

Free Trial:

Kaspersky offers a 30-day free trial for you, you can get to know the app in every aspect you want, and after that, if you decide to go with it, you can easily do so by purchasing a paid subscription. One thing to keep in mind is there are some features that are restricted in the trial version, if you want to unlock it all, you just need to buy a paid plan.

Refund Policy and Money-Back Guarantee:

Just like trial, they offer a generous 30-day money-back guarantee, in 30 days time after making the 1st payment, you can get your money back at any time and cancel your subscription, be sure not to abuse this feature as they can flag your account, and never let you buy the subscription again.

Promotional Deals or Discounts:

It's a good idea to look into any deals, discounts, or bundles that Kaspersky may be giving, as they can save you money and give you more for your money.

Customer Support & Resources

How Responsive and Helpful Are They?

Kaspersky's customer support services are well known for their prompt and efficient responsiveness in resolving user concerns, which has led to positive customer feedback. The provision of diverse support channels guarantees that users can opt for the most suitable alternative to soliciting explicit services or soliciting aid, depending on their inclinations and the exigency of the issue.

It is recommended to conduct an exploration of the resources that are accessible on the Kaspersky website, including the knowledge base and frequently asked questions (FAQs), as they frequently furnish solutions to frequently encountered inquiries and remedial measures. End-users may also consult the available user manuals and instructional materials to acquire a more comprehensive comprehension of the software's attributes and capabilities.

What Resources Are Available?

Kaspersky places a high priority on ensuring customer satisfaction and offers dependable customer support services to address any inquiries or challenges that may arise during the utilization of Kaspersky Safe Kids. Presented below is an assessment of the customer service and available resources of the software.

  1. Customer Support Channels: Kaspersky provides a range of customer support channels, encompassing online support, knowledge base articles, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and user forums. The resources available to users facilitate the acquisition of solutions to frequently encountered inquiries, the resolution of technical difficulties, and the attainment of proficiency in utilizing the software.
  1. Live Chat and Phone Support: Kaspersky offers users the opportunity to engage in direct communication with their support team through live chat and phone support options. Real-time assistance facilitates prompt resolution of concerns or technical difficulties.
  1. Email Support: Kaspersky's clientele may also avail of the option to contact their customer support personnel through electronic mail. This approach enables users to explicate their inquiries or concerns comprehensively and obtain customized responses from the assistance team.
  1. Resource Center: Kaspersky offers a comprehensive resource center on its website that encompasses various resources such as user guides, tutorials, video demonstrations, and informative articles. The aforementioned resources provide systematic guidance and significant perspectives regarding the optimal utilization of the diverse functionalities of Kaspersky Safe Kids.
  1. Community Forums: Kaspersky offers community forums that facilitate user engagement, enabling parents to share their experiences, exchange advice and tips, and interact with one another on the subject of utilizing Kaspersky Safe Kids. The utilization of a community-oriented platform can serve as a beneficial asset for individuals to acquire knowledge from the collective experiences of others and obtain pragmatic remedies for prevalent obstacles.
kaspersky safe kids reviews support

Privacy and Security

When it comes to user data and online privacy, Kaspersky Safe Kids takes privacy and security very seriously. Here are the most important things to think about in the Kaspersky Safe Kids software when it comes to privacy and safety:

  • Data Security: Kaspersky uses strong security measures to keep the data that the software gathers safely. It makes sure that information about users, such as personal and monitoring data, is encrypted and stored safely. This helps keep sensitive information private and stops people from getting in without permission.
  • Privacy Settings: The privacy settings in Kaspersky Safe Kids can be changed, so parents can decide what information is collected and how it is used. Parents can change the privacy settings to match their needs and make sure the software meets their privacy standards.
  • Data Use: Kaspersky follows strict rules and policies about how it uses data. The collected data is primarily used to provide the intended features and functionalities of Kaspersky Safe Kids, such as monitoring and parental controls. Kaspersky does not sell user information or give it to third parties for advertising.
  • Consent and Transparency: Kaspersky focuses on transparency by giving clear information about the data it collects and how it is used. Before any data is collected, users are asked to give their explicit permission. Kaspersky also has detailed privacy policies and terms of service to make sure that users know how their information is used.
  • Compliance and Certification: Kaspersky follows all privacy laws and rules, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the European Union. The software goes through regular audits and assessments to make sure it is compliant and maintains the highest data protection standards.

Kaspersky's terms of service and privacy policies are important for users to read and understand. This will help users decide how much privacy they want for their data and see if Kaspersky Safe Kids meets their privacy needs.

Limitations and Drawbacks

When evaluating the constraints and disadvantages of Kaspersky Safe Kids, it is crucial to take into account the following aspects pertaining to the software's capacity for safeguarding children:

  1. Content Monitoring Challenges: The challenges associated with content monitoring are noteworthy. Although Kaspersky Safe Kids provides content filtering and monitoring capabilities, it may not be entirely effective in identifying and preventing all unsuitable content with complete precision. The efficacy of content filtering may exhibit variability contingent upon the specific websites or applications being accessed, and there exists a potential for erroneous content identification in the form of either false positives or false negatives.
  1. App Monitoring Limitations: Kaspersky Safe Kids offers app monitoring functionality aimed at overseeing and regulating the utilization of applications on a minor's device. However, there exist certain limitations to this feature. Nonetheless, it is possible that the monitoring system may encounter constraints in overseeing specific categories of applications, such as those that utilize advanced techniques to circumvent monitoring or those that employ encrypted communication. It is advisable for parents to periodically assess and revise the roster of supervised applications in order to guarantee comprehensive oversight.
  1. Location Accuracy: Kaspersky Safe Kids offers real-time location tracking for children. However, the accuracy of location data can vary depending on factors like GPS signal strength and device settings. In some cases, there may be slight discrepancies or delays in updating the child's location, which could impact the effectiveness of real-time tracking.
  1. Device Performance Impact: Installing Kaspersky Safe Kids on a child's device may have a minor impact on device performance, especially on older or low-end devices. The software runs in the background and consumes system resources, which could potentially slow down device operation. It's important to consider the device's specifications and performance capabilities before installation.
  1. User Discretion: Kaspersky Safe Kids relies on the cooperation and consent of both parents and children. The effectiveness of the software ultimately depends on how well parents communicate with their children about the rules and expectations surrounding online activities. Children can potentially find ways to bypass or disable the software, so open communication and trust-building are crucial.

Despite these limitations, Kaspersky Safe Kids remains a valuable tool for parents to manage and protect their children's online activities. It provides a range of features to promote a safer digital environment, but it's essential for parents to be aware of the software's limitations and implement additional measures as necessary to ensure comprehensive child protection.

User Kaspersky Parental Control Reviews and Testimonials

This section comprises a verdict of the pros, cons and popular features of the app.

Kaspersky Safe Kids Reviews on Trustpilot

kaspersky trustpilot review

Many users on TrustPilot have found Kaspersky Parental Control to be a valuable tool for managing and monitoring their children's online activities. They appreciate the ease of use and convenience offered by the app, which allows them to effectively set limits and control their children's digital behavior. The content filtering feature has received positive feedback for its effectiveness in blocking inappropriate content and ensuring a safer online experience for children.

Kaspersky Safe Kids Reviews on Reddit

Reddit users have praised Kaspersky Parental Control's user-friendly interface for its capacity to streamline the setup process and make navigation easier.  Users have deemed the tool valuable for its capacity to encourage responsible digital behavior, ensure online safety, and promote open communication between parents and children. 

The application offers extensive surveillance and management capabilities, enabling guardians to monitor their offspring's whereabouts, establish restrictions on screen time, and obtain instantaneous notifications and alerts regarding their internet-related actions. This has afforded parents a sense of reassurance and agency in managing their children's online activities.

In general, Kaspersky Parental Control has received acclaim for its dependability, precision, and capacity to tailor configurations to suit the child's age and requirements. Users have deemed the tool valuable for its capacity to encourage responsible digital behavior, ensure online safety, and promote open communication between parents and children.

Conclusion and Personal Recommendation of Kaspersky KidSafe Review

Kaspersky Safe Kids provides a diverse array of features and functionalities that render it a dependable option for parents seeking to safeguard their children's online security. The software offers efficient content filtering, extensive monitoring functionalities, and intuitive controls. This technology enables parents to establish suitable limits, monitor their offspring's online actions, and encourage conscientious digital conduct.

Personal Experience

Based on personal experience, Kaspersky Safe Kids has proven to be a valuable resource for managing the online activities of my two children. The software's user-friendly interface, coupled with its comprehensive functionalities, has instilled a sense of assurance and self-assurance in me regarding its online security. I strongly endorse this solution for parents seeking a dependable parental control system.

Moreover, I really like that the app extends its useablity to more than social media messages and location tracking as I can also see what my kids post online and watch on YouTube. Thanks to the app I was able to catch my son while he was watching an intimate video on YouTube, I was also able to block the channel.

Whom is this best for?

Kaspersky Safe Kids is an optimal solution for parents who prioritize their children's online security and aspire to cultivate positive digital behaviors. The software's capacity for personalized settings tailored to individual requirements renders it an optimal choice for households with children of varying age cohorts. This tool is most effectively utilized for the purposes of content filtering, screen time monitoring, app usage management, and the promotion of responsible online conduct.

Whom is this not best for? 

Kaspersky Safe Kids may not be optimal for parents who necessitate sophisticated functionalities such as geofencing or social media surveillance. Furthermore, those seeking a parental control solution that is entirely cost-free should be aware that Kaspersky Safe Kids does have certain restrictions in its complimentary iteration. Parents seeking advanced customization options beyond the fundamental features may find it unsuitable.

Kaspersky Alternatives

Here is a comprehensive table showcasing the top 10 alternatives to Kaspersky Safe Kids:

Parental Control SoftwareMy ViewPricingKey FeaturesTry For FreeRead My Full Review
πŸ₯‡ QustodioBest for Comprehensive Monitoring$49.46/year for 5 devices
Check Pricing
Time scheduling, Content filtering, Social monitoringTry For FreeFull Qustodio Review
πŸ₯ˆKaspersky Safe KidsBest for Budget-Friendly Option$14.99/year for 500 devices
Check Pricing
App management, Real-time alerts, GPS trackingTry For FreeFull Kaspersky Safe Kids Review
πŸ₯‰Norton FamilyBest for Multi-Device Families$49.99/year for unlimited devices
Check Pricing
Web monitoring, Time limits, Location trackingTry For FreeFull Norton Family Review
Net NannyBest for Profanity Monitoring$39.99/year for 1 device
Check Pricing
Real-time alerts, Profanity masking, Screen time managementTry For FreeFull NetNanny Review
BarkBest for Social Media & Email Monitoring$9/month or $99/year for unlimited devices
Check Pricing
Text monitoring, Email monitoring, Social media monitoringTry For FreeFull Bark Review
MobicipBest for Content Filtering$49.99/year for 5 devices
Check Pricing
Internet filter, App blocker, Screen time limitTry For FreeFull Mobicip Review
OurPactBest for Screen Time ManagementFree to $6.99/month for 20 devices
Check Pricing
Screen time management, App blocking, Family locatorTry For FreeFull OurPact Review
FamilyTimeBest for Location Tracking$27/year for 1 device
Check Pricing
Location tracking, Geofencing, Time limitsTry For FreeFull Family Time App Review
MMGuardianBest for Call & Text Monitoring$3.99/month or $34.99/year for 1 device
Check Pricing
Call & SMS monitoring, Screen time management, App controlTry For FreeFull MMGuardian Review
Screen Time Labs (not iOS ScreenTime)Best for Time Management$6.99/month for 5 devices
Check Pricing
Time control, App control, Reward systemTry For Free

Final Words to my Parental Control Software Review Kaspersky Safe Kids

When selecting parental control software such as Kaspersky Safe Kids, it is essential to perform thorough research. Although reviews and recommendations offer valuable insights, it is recommended to utilize free trial periods, refund policies, or money-back guarantees to verify that the software aligns with your expectations. It is imperative to note that the requirements and preferences of each family may differ, so it is crucial to identify the optimal match for one's specific needs.


Can I set time limits for my child's device usage with Kaspersky Safe Kids?

Yes, you may regulate your child's screen time with the help of Kaspersky Safe Kids by setting time limits for their device usage.

Does Kaspersky Safe Kids support multiple devices?

Yes, Kaspersky Safe Kids is a cross-platform solution that facilitates the monitoring and management of children's activities on various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Can I track my child's location with Kaspersky Safe Kids?

Yes, Kaspersky Safe Kids software incorporates GPS tracking features, which facilitate the monitoring of a child's whereabouts and the receipt of location updates.

Can I block access to specific websites or applications with Kaspersky Safe Kids?

Yes, Kaspersky Safe Kids provides website and application blocking functionalities, enabling users to limit access to unsuitable websites or applications.

Can I receive alerts about my child's online activities with Kaspersky Safe Kids?

Yes, Kaspersky Safe Kids offers alerts and notifications to apprise parents of their children's online activities, including but not limited to accessing prohibited content or attempting to visit restricted websites.

Can I monitor my child's social media activities with Kaspersky Safe Kids?

Yes, Kaspersky Safe Kids provides social media monitoring functionalities, enabling parents to supervise their children's engagements on prevalent social media channels.

That's All For Now;

We appreciate you reading our comprehensive Kaspersky Safe Kids Review. We appreciate your concern about the security of your digital life, and we hope the information we've provided has been useful. We invite you to return for more cybersecurity software news and reviews to help you remain ahead of the digital curve. Please review the articles linked below for further information and opinions. Take internet security very seriously!


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