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Norton Family Review | #1 Complete Analysis of its User-Friendliness and Effectiveness in 2023

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Name: Norton Family

Description: Norton Family offers comprehensive online safety for your kids. Monitor their online activities, set screen time limits, track location, and receive alerts on search queries—keeping them safe in the digital world.

Offer price: 19.99

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Personal Summary Conclusion

After using Norton Family for the past several months, it's easy to see why this software is a standout in the crowded market of parental control solutions. No more sleepless nights wondering what the kids are up to online! The real-time alerts and detailed activity reports are not just features; they're peace of mind served on a silver platter.

But what's been a game-changer is the Web Supervision tool. Instead of just blocking content, it's encouraged meaningful conversations with my children about internet safety and responsible behavior. We've turned “digital dilemmas” into educational moments, making Norton Family less of a watchdog and more of an educator. Plus, the ease of use? A breeze. User-friendly interfaces, easy-to-navigate dashboards—you don't need a PhD in Computer Science to figure it all out. All in all, Norton Family has turned out to be a reliable, empowering ally in navigating the choppy waters of the internet with my kids.

There you have it! Norton Family hasn't just delivered on its promises; it's become an essential part of our family's digital lifestyle. 🌟👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  • 🎛️ Unified Management: Control multiple devices effortlessly via a single dashboard.
  • 📱 Broad Compatibility: Seamless functionality with Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.
  • Time Rules: Limit daily screen time and access to specific apps or websites.
  • 🚫 Web Filtering: Age-appropriate content filtering to safeguard against the dark corners of the web.
  • 🕵️ Activity Monitoring: Insightful reports on your child's online behavior, including time spent on apps and websites.
  • 🌙 Sleep Time: Program devices to disconnect when it's time for bed.
  • 💤 Internet Timeout: Need undivided family time? Pause internet access with just one click.
  • 💼 Safe Search: No oopsies with search results; Google and Bing are sanitized for safe browsing.
  • 🔐 Privacy Priority: Your family's data is sacred; Norton is committed to robust privacy protocols.
  • 👥 Custom Profiles: Each child is different; customize settings for individual family members.
  • 📞 Help at Hand: A robust customer support team to help you through any snags.
  • 💵 Flexible Billing: Choose between monthly or yearly subscription plans to suit your budget.
  • 🆓 Test Drive: Experience a 30-day free trial to ensure Norton Family is the right fit for you.
  • 🎉 Special Offers: Click here for current holiday and event-based promotions that can save you a bundle.
  • Features & Functionality
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance & Reliability
  • Compatibility
  • Privacy & Security
  • Customization Options
  • Customer Support
  • Value for Money


  •  Norton Family allows parents to monitor and manage their child's online activities, ensuring a safe online environment.
  •  It helps in setting screen time limits, promoting a healthy balance between online and offline activities.
  • Protects children from inappropriate content by filtering websites and search results.
  •  Provides detailed reports on online activities, aiding in understanding and addressing potential concerns


  • Some advanced parental control features may be limited compared to specialized standalone solutions.
  •  Norton Family requires a subscription, which could be an ongoing expense for some users.

Introduction to Norton Family Review

Norton Family (also known as Norton Family Premier) is a software that assists parents in keeping their children safe online. It allows parents to monitor their children's internet activities, track where they are, and set time limitations. Rather than spying on their children, it encourages parents to communicate with them and establish clear rules. This in-depth Norton Family review discusses its features, functionality, and general appeal for parents looking to protect their kids online.

Norton review homepage

So, precisely what is Norton Family, and how it helps parents?

It offers several options for monitoring and controlling what their children do online. Parents may track multiple devices and establish limitations to ensure children avoid inappropriate content and develop healthy internet habits.

The program makes it simple to set boundaries and chat with children about their internet activity. Norton Family makes it easier for parents to protect their kids online by providing tools such as time restrictions, blocking specific websites, monitoring what they look for, and viewing their browser history.

An Overview of the Norton Family

A cloud-based parental control software was initially developed by Symantec (currently NortonLifeLock). On April 27, 2009, it was introduced as Internet Family to facilitate parental control of children's browsing activities. To improve family communication and transparency, the program allows parents to monitor and supervise their children's computer activities, such as instant messaging, social networking, and internet browsing. 

However, Norton Family switched to a premium subscription model in January 2018. The service works with various operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows XP (32 and 64-bit), Mac OS X 10.5, and Vista (32 and 64-bit).

It includes all of the necessary parental controls given below. It feels good that foremost VPNs can't skip Norton Family's web filtering and that it can genuinely block iOS applications (something that several parenting apps struggle with).

Norton Family features include School Time, Video Supervision, Web Supervision, Search Supervision, Location Supervision, Time Supervision, Parent Mobile App, App Supervision, Access Request, Monthly or Weekly Reports, Instant Lock, Parent Portal, Alert Me, and Email Alerts.

Features and Functionalities

Web Supervision Feature of Norton Family Review

Parents may use this function to monitor and filter inappropriate websites for their children. It includes age-restricted content, activity information, and site warnings. While it works effectively in supported browsers, unsupported browsers may be able to bypass the screening. Furthermore, this feature prevents VPN bypassing and allows children to request access to restricted sites using the Norton Family app, providing enhanced safety and control. Predefined age-filtering criteria make set-up easier.

Norton family features

Time Supervision Feature of Norton Family Review

Set screen time restrictions and daily allowances depending on age, with app usage restricted when limitations are exceeded (save for emergency calls). Children can ask for extra time, and emergency PIN unlocks are available. With a user-friendly interface, detailed reports measure screen time and extensions. You can use the predefined time limits of the Norton family.

School Time Feature of Norton Family Review

The School Time feature combines time and web supervision to limit web utilization during school hours, allowing students to focus on their studies. It provides specific web filtering settings during school hours, removing the need for frequent rule changes. 

While it is efficient at blocking distracting websites, it has drawbacks such as dependency on the Norton Family browser on mobile, requiring access to other browsers to be stopped, and the potential of browser extensions being restricted on Windows. It does not identify and block the usage of some programs used to bypass restrictions during school hours.

Norton review features

App Supervision Feature of Norton Family Review

The App Supervision function enables the monitoring and disabling of programs on Android, Windows, and iOS. It provides easy filtering and detailed activity reports. However, significant negatives include

  • Delayed modifications.
  • The absence of time limitations for applications.
  • Limited monitoring of text messages and social media posts. 

Norton Family can ban popular applications such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Netflix, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Snapchat.

Location Supervision Feature of Norton Family Review

On Android and iOS, this function allows for real-time tracking of a child's location. It provides geofencing notifications as well as scheduled location updates. Its functionality is enhanced by the accurate tracking, filtering choices, and check-in feature.

Norton family feature

Search Supervision Feature of Norton Family Review

This feature enables parents to keep track of their children's searches on popular search engines such as YouTube. It allows safe search while successfully filtering out adult content. However, it is restricted to tracking searches within the Norton Family browser on mobile devices, necessitating the disabling of other browsers. In contrast, on Windows, browser extensions may be blocked without a password.

Video Supervision Feature of Norton Family Review

Parents may use this feature to track their kids' Hulu and YouTube videos. It gives complete video details but is subject to delays and limitations. While it follows videos on mobile devices using the Norton Family browser, children may quickly disable browser extensions on Windows, making it more appropriate to track Hulu videos rather than YouTube videos.

Uninstall Protection Feature of Norton Family Review

To uninstall Norton Family's kid's applications, you must provide your parental account login credentials, preventing your child from secretly uninstalling them. This function is accessible on all devices. So your kids need to do more than just go and uninstall the Norton Family app.

Instant Lock Feature of Norton Family Review

Disables accessibility to your children's devices, enabling them to make emergency calls to only trusted contacts. The parental app or a 4-digit PIN issued by Norton Family inside the Instant Lock function can unlock a child's smartphone.

Ease of Use

Norton Family is simple to use and features a straightforward user interface with clear explanations of settings and features. It gives customers detailed information about each function and allows them to alter settings. The Windows software operates in the background without interfering with other processes. The mobile applications are designed similarly, making exploring and switching between them simple.

But some usability issues could be improved. Setting up new devices takes time, and changes to standards take effect after some time. Specific capabilities, such as app banning, require the program to operate on the child's smartphone in the background. Some functions may cease working if the child closes the tabs or app, which might be an issue.

Norton family dashboard

Installation and Set-up Process

You can install and set up Norton Family Parental Control App by following the given steps:

Norton family review log in

For Android,

Install Norton Family on your Android device

  1. Search for Norton Family parental control on the Play Store app.
  2. Tap Install after selecting the Norton Family parental control app.
  3. Launch the app.
  4. Continue to set up Norton Family after reading the Terms of Service and other rules.
  5. Tap the Parent Sign-In button.

If you don't already have a Norton account, click Create An Account and follow the on-screen steps to sign up.

Include a child in your account

  1. Continue on the Norton Family Setup screen.
  2. Enter the child's name on the Create Profile screen.
  3. The name does not permit special characters like &, #, or $.
  4. Choose the amount of restriction based on your child's age.
  5. Norton Family sets house rules Based on the restriction level you select.
  6. Set your child's profile photo by tapping the camera icon.
  7. You can add children to your account after setting up the first child.
  8. Tap Create.

Install Norton Family on the primary device

  1. If you're using the same Android device as your kid, try one of the following:
    1. Tap Continue after selecting Assign this device to Child.
    2. Select an Android tablet or phone and tap “Next to download the app” from Google Play.
  2. You could also send a download link by providing an email address and viewing the link on the device where Norton Family will be installed.
  3. In the Parent app, enter the activation code and press the Activate button.
  4. Wait a few minutes on the kid's device, then check whether the correct account email ID and child name are displayed before tapping Confirm & Continue.
  5. Tap Done.

For iOS,

Install Norton Family on iOS

  1. Navigate to the App Store and look for the Norton Family Parental Control app.
  2. Install the app after downloading it.
  3. Once installed, launch the app.
  4. Allow Norton Family to send you notifications.
  5. After reading the License and Services Agreement and other policies, tap Continue.
  6. Sign in with your account information.

Include a child in your account

  1. Continue on the Norton Family Setup screen.
  2. Enter the child's name on the Create Profile screen.
  3. The name does not permit special characters such as &, #, or $.
  4. Choose the amount of restriction based on your child's age.
  5. Norton Family places home rules based on your select restriction level.
  6. Set your child's profile photo by tapping the camera icon.
  7. You can add children to your account after setting up the first child.
  8. Select Create.

Install Norton Family on the Parent device

  1. Tap Next after selecting iPad or iPhone.
  2. Scan the QR code to get the Norton Family iOS child app.

You could also send a download link by providing an email address and viewing the link on the device where Norton Family will be installed.

  1. In the Parent app, enter the activation code and tap Activate.
  2. Wait a few minutes on the kid's device, then check whether the correct account email id and child name are displayed before tapping Confirm & Continue.
  3. Tap Done.

Software Performance

Norton Family has good parental controls and security features. Norton's content filters function correctly. The app prevented all of the questionable searches. The monitoring functions of the application were occasionally slow. Specific browser extensions are required to block improper searches and web pages on a PC. When you pressed “close all” on your Android applications, there was a severe problem with the app no longer operating.

In my Norton Family Parental Control review, I rate Norton 6.5 out of 10 regarding effectiveness and features.

Norton family review parent account


Norton Family is only available for installation and usage on a child's Windows PC, Android, and iOS devices, and not all functions are available on all platforms. Here is the compatibility table for the features:

FeatureCompatible Device
School Time
Web Supervision
Search Supervision
Access Requestx
App Supervisionx
Parent Mobile Appx
Video Supervision
Parent Portal
Email Alerts
Monthly/Weekly Reports
Favorite Locationsx
Location Supervisionx
Time Supervision
Instant Lock
Alert Mex

Norton Family Price

Norton family pricing

Plans Overview:

Norton Family Premium is an annual package combined with some of Norton's other services. Norton Family provides unlimited connections, making it an excellent solution for large families. It takes debit/credit cards and PayPal and offers an accommodating 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.

Norton Family's solo subscription is $49.99 annually, which is highly reasonable. There are also Norton Family Bundled Subscriptions, which contain Norton 360 antivirus, Norton Secure VPN, and Norton Password Manager. As a whole, the Norton Family price is fairly reasonable.

Initial Vs. Renewal Rates:

Initial and renewal rates for this service depend on the stuff you are choosing at the time of purchase, as the bundle includes multiple tools like a VPN, an Antivirus, etc., your renewal cost can be affected if the company decides to change the rates before your next renewal.

Comparison to Industry Standard:

Compared to industry competitors, this is one of the most feature-rich parental control bundles, you can get most stuff with only this bundle, you have a VPN, an antivirus, a threat detector, and much more. The price is totally justified for this one.

Additional Costs:

As I mentioned earlier, you can add many things like a VPN, an Antivirus, or anything else of your choice to your package, which will add up and increase the total cost of your package.

Payment Options:

You can use your regular daily use payment card, your PayPal account or Apple Pay to pay for your subscription.

Contract Terms:

There are no hard and fast contract terms, they only ask you to keep your subscription to yourself and not share it with unauthorized people, if you are caught doing so, they may cancel your subscription.

Free Trail:

Yes, they offer a 30-day free trial, so that you can try out different features and get to know the app in a better way, if you think, it is the right fit for you, you can opt for a paid plan.

Refund Policy and Money-Back Guarantee:

Norton Family is very generous in terms of its refund policy, you can get your money back within 60 days of your initial purchase, and even if you have just changed your mind, they will compensate you with a full refund.

Promotional Deals or Discounts:

There is a 40% discount running on the premium plans, feel free to check it out.

Customer Support & Resources

How Responsive and Helpful Are They?

In terms of responsiveness and helpfulness, Norton customer support is very good, they provide a lot of value whenever you contact them. They have a very realistic response time of 24 hours, in which they try to fix your problem, if your problem is still there, they will dedicate a special person to you who will be with you until your problem is not solved.

What Resources Are Available?

Knowledge Base: Norton often maintains a knowledge base or support center on their website. Here, you can find articles and guides on various topics related to Norton Family, including how to set it up, troubleshooting common issues, and understanding its features.

Customer Support: Norton typically offers customer support through various channels such as phone, live chat, and email. You can find contact information for their customer support on their official website. This is often the best option if you have specific issues that require personalized assistance.

Norton family review support

Privacy and Security

Norton Family provides complete online security for families, ensuring children have a secure and safe digital environment. Norton Family allows you to take control of your online privacy by providing cutting-edge technologies for protecting your private data. Only you should select what information you want to share regarding yourself.

Limitations and Drawbacks

Here are some limitations and drawbacks of Norton Family Parental Control Software:

  • It does not function on a Mac.
  • Filtering on a PC necessitates using browser extensions, which your child may easily disable.
  • There are several browser limitations for web monitoring and filtering.
  • Video monitoring is limited to only viewing YouTube and Hulu on a browser.
  • There will be no in-app or social media monitoring.
  • It may take some time for alerts to appear. On Android, it's simple to stop an application from running in the background (which means it stops operating).
  • There is no monitoring of text messages or phone calls.
  • Limiting app usage by time, category, or schedule is impossible.
  • One or two minor issues with interfaces.

User Norton Family Reviews and Testimonials

Norton Family Trustpilot Reviews

Norton Family Trustpilot Reviews

Norton Family has got incredible reviews on the Trustpilot. it has a star rating of 3.9 and every customer seems satisfied. One user said that he feels empowered and safe by using Norton Family and one said he feels peace of mind by using it. Norton Family has got more positive reviews than any other app. However a customer wrote that he has been using this app for 10 years, isn't it great that Norton Family is able to keep the trust of its users?

Norton Family Reddit Reviews

On Reddit, the app has mixed reviews. Some users are pleased with the app but some find it a bit exaggerated. A few users were not satisfied with the app's web filtering but some made it clear that their ultimate parental control app is Norton Family.

Conclusion and Personal Recommendation to my Norton Parental Control Review

Norton Family is a good option for large families looking for parental control software. It provides unlimited device usage, powerful filtering functions, and user-friendly applications. It has industry-standard features like site and app blocking, time limitations, location monitoring, and activity reports.

Notable features include VPN bypass and blocking, iOS app detection and blocking, School Time for restricting internet access during school hours, Favorite Locations for geofencing, and search and video monitoring.

Personal Experience

As a parent of two, Norton Family is an effective parental control software because of its variety of functions and low cost. It has powerful filtering and tracking features, making it ideal for parents who want to keep their children safe online. This detailed Norton Family highlights its rich features and effectiveness in enhancing children's online safety.

It's a step forward in parental tech because I can supervise my kid's YouTube and Hulu videos. I can always see what they search for on any search engine. Another feature that I like the most is its instant lock feature which helps me to restrict my kid's access to the device at a tap. I am pleased with the pricing and customer support as well.

What is Norton Family best used for?

As mentioned above, Norton Family is ideal for large families looking to manage and protect many devices. It's perfect for parents who appreciate features like browser filtering, time limitations, scheduling, location monitoring, and activity reports. The user-friendly apps appeal to children and parents, making them appropriate for families with varying technical knowledge.

What is Norton Family not best used for?

Norton Family might not be an excellent option for consumers who primarily use macOS devices because it lacks monitoring features for that platform. Furthermore, if bypassing site search, filtering, and video tracking on Windows is an issue, users might be required to look into alternative solutions.

Norton Family Alternatives

Comparison of Norton Family to other parental control software:

RankSoftwareKey FeaturesPricingMy View
1.🥇QustodioTime scheduling, Content filtering, Social monitoring$49.46/year for 5 devices
Check Pricing
Best for Comprehensive MonitoringTry For Free
2.🥈Norton FamilyWeb monitoring, Time limits, Location tracking$49.99/year for unlimited devices
Check Pricing
Best for Multi-Device FamiliesTry For Free
3.🥉Net NannyReal-time alerts, Profanity masking, Screen time management$39.99/year for 1 device
Check Pricing
Best for Profanity MonitoringTry For Free
4Kaspersky Safe KidsApp management, Real-time alerts, GPS tracking$14.99/year for 500 devices
Check Pricing
Best for Budget-Friendly OptionTry For Free
5MMGuardianCall & SMS monitoring, Screen time management, App control$3.99/month or $34.99/year for 1 device
Check Pricing
Best for Call & Text MonitoringTry For Free
6BarkText monitoring, Email monitoring, Social media monitoring$9/month or $99/year for unlimited devices
Check Pricing
Best for Social Media & Email MonitoringTry For Free
7MobicipInternet filter, App blocker, Screen time limit$49.99/year for 5 devices
Check Pricing
Best for Content FilteringTry For Free
8Screen TimeTime control, App control, Reward system$6.99/month for 5 devices
Check Pricing
Best for Time ManagementTry For Free
9FamilyTimeLocation tracking, Geofencing, Time limits$27/year for 1 device
Check Pricing
Best for Location TrackingTry For Free
10OurPactScreen time management, App blocking, Family locatorFree to $6.99/month for 20 devices
Check Pricing
Best for Screen Time ManagementTry For Free

Norton Family Reviews Final Word

You can use Norton Family Trial to check whether it’s worth buying or not. It also has a 60-day money-back guarantee. Many customers expect a Norton Family Free version but unfortunately Norton Family does not yet provide a free option.


Is Norton Family included with Norton 360?

Norton Family Parental Control is included with the purchase of Norton 360 Deluxe and Norton 360 Premium. Access all its features and more protection for your electronic devices, online privacy, and personal information in one package.

What does Norton Family do?

Norton Family set time limitations for your children to use their Android, iOS devices, or Windows PC, or set days of the week or times for them to use. Allow your kids to use the Internet while preventing them from inappropriate content. Keep track of the websites your kid access and block those that are harmful or unsuitable.

How many devices can you use at a time with Norton Family?

There are no limits on the number of devices that may be added to an account, which is excellent for today's always-connected generation. An account may have as many as 15 child profiles, ideal for large families.

How much does Norton Family cost?

A Norton Family package costs $49.99 annually, including features like online blocking, time limits, and location monitoring.

That's All For Now;

We appreciate you taking the time to read our thorough Norton Family App Review. We understand your concern about the safety of your digital life, and we hope the information we've provided has been helpful. We welcome you to return for additional cybersecurity software news and evaluations to stay ahead of the digital curve. For further information and opinions, please see the articles linked below. Take your internet security seriously!

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