Optimize Your FPGA Applications
Let us help you accelerate your design by optimizing it for FPGA. Impulse helps maximize performance while minimizing resources and power. We leverage high level languages to minimize development time, and facilitate migration to next generation hardware. We work under NDA. We provide excellent documentation and training. Let Impulse help you achieve your performance, power and schedule goals.

Impulse has helped over 500 teams refactor their application to run faster, smaller and at lower power in FPGA.

Design Acceleration & Integration — Impulse accelerates your design by increasing parallelism. Applications run 10x – 100x faster as parallel processes in FPGA hardware and software. Refactored coding retains compatibility with microprocessor versions to maintain a “golden model”. We work in most software and hardware languages. We also provide Board Support Packages integrating your design onto COTS boards.

Applications IP — Since 2002 Impulse has built efficient and high performance solutions around acceleration boards, image processing, video processing, object capture, programmable Ethernet network interfaces, FFT, FIR, BLAS and much more. Use our IP to get a quick start, or let us bid on helping you construct your next project using our known good modules and IP blocks. We know about efficiently implementing algorithms in silicon and can get you started quickly.

Software to FPGA Hardware Tools — Impulse works in most software development environments to help users analyze, profile, simulate and parallelize microprocessor code to run faster as multiple streaming processes in FPGA. Impulse also offers board interface packages which link to memory, I/O, processors and other hardware features from C. Contact us for a free 30-day evaluation. Or use the e-mail link (top right) to arrange discussion with a factory engineer.

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