The SDAccel™ Development Environment is a member of the Xilinx SDx™ family that combines the industry’s first architecturally optimizing compiler supporting any combination of OpenCL™, C, and C++ kernels, along with libraries and development boards for the first complete CPU/GPU-like development and run-time experience for FPGAs. 

Impulse Accelerated is an SDAccel development environment-certified Xilinx Alliance Member and offers design services wherein our engineers work, under NDA, with your team to optimize your designs for FPGA. We excel at timely completion of complex designs in a way that operates efficiently in real world environments. We work with your target FPGAs and boards to ensure well tested, fully integrated, and fully documented solutions. To learn more about our offerings please go to Design Services. Or you can look at our Image, Signal and Data Processing Solutions. 

To access the capabilities of SDAccel contact your local Xilinx sales representative or Xilinx authorized distributor. To learn more visit www.xilinx.com/sdaccel. 

Impulse Creates High Performance SDAccel Solutions

Profile code to identify bottlenecks that may best accelerate via offloading to FPGAArchitect and partition efficiently between CPU, FPGA, on-chip processors, external memory and more Compile to FPGA and/or other resources, often while maintaining a “golden model” which works on alternate processing elements
Debug functionality to ensure equivalenceRefactor for size efficiency, reduced power and optimal use of specific FPGA resources Integrate
Test in software, simulate hardware, test in target hardware and create test suitesCreate documentation and provide full trainingBoard Support Packages and interfaces to COTS or customer provided hardwareContact Impulse to explore this Mandelbrot Example in SDAccel.This implementation for creating an image by applies the Mandelbrot equation to each pixel and then coloring the pixel according to the results. To create an image using the Mandelbrot equation, the complex number c of the form x + y*i is tested over the range Xmin <= x <= Xmax and Ymin <= y <= Ymax to see whether the given complex number is a member of the Mandelbrot set. Download the instructions.

Founded in 2002, Impulse is a Xilinx Partner specializing in helping software teams accelerate their designs in FPGA. Impulse has helped hundreds of teams accelerate data, signal, image and other applications in FPGA. We feature excellent documentation and ongoing maintenance.
Contact Impulse for a no-pressure discussion of your system architecture and how SDAccel might accelerate your project. Or to request a download of the Mandelbrot SDAccel example.