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MMRat Android Trojan: 5 Terrifying Facts You Must Know 😱


The Stealthy Rise of MMRat Android Trojan: A Deep Dive into Its Tactics and Dangers

In the fast-paced realm of cybersecurity, it's easy to get lost in the buzz of ransomware and other types of high-profile attacks. However, banking trojans remain an insidious but less-talked-about threat. Enter MMRat, a new Android banking trojan that has recently caught the eye of cybersecurity experts due to its sophisticated tactics and far-reaching implications. This Trojan, first identified by researchers at Trend Micro Mobile Application Reputation Service (MARS), has been specifically crafted to target Android users in Southeast Asia.

Background: The Discovery of MMRat

MMRat gained its name from its distinctive package called “com.mm.user.” Researchers at Trend Micro's MARS noticed its stealthy rise, as it managed to evade detection by VirusTotal, a popular website and tool used for scanning various types of malware. The Trojan has primarily targeted Android users in Southeast Asia since June 2023 but given its potential, it is likely to expand its geographical scope.

the discovery of mmrat
the discovery of mmrat

The Deception Game: Fake App Stores

How do users end up with MMRat on their phones? One of the Trojan's most effective tactics involves distributing itself through phony app stores. These websites are engineered to look like legitimate app stores but in different languages, in a bid to ensnare a broader demographic. While researchers have yet to pinpoint exactly how victims are led to these fake app stores, it's a tactic that has proven effective for the Trojan's distribution.

What Makes MMRat Android Trojan Different?

Unlike other Android banking trojans, MMRat Android Trojan has incorporated a Protobuf-based C2 (Command and Control) protocol, specifically customized for its operation. Protobuf, or Protocol Buffers, are Google’s language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanisms for serializing structured data. This unique feature is rare among Android banking trojans and gives MMRat an edge in performance, especially when transferring large volumes of data.

Attack Sequence and Capabilities

Once a user downloads the malware and unwittingly gives it the required permissions, MMRat springs into action. It starts by establishing a secure communication line with its remote server, from where it starts sending a plethora of data. This includes personal and mobile data, keylogging records, and device statuses.

Moreover, MMRat isn’t restricted to banking fraud. It goes further, exploiting Android Accessibility services and MediaProjection API to capture screenshots, monitor user input, and even control the device remotely. It also avoids raising suspicion by disguising itself as an official app like a government or dating application.

Collected Data and Its Implications

Trend Micro outlines that MMRat is capable of harvesting extensive device and personal data. This information isn't restricted to what apps you have installed or who is on your contact list; it even delves into the nitty-gritty, such as the battery data, the screen's locked status, and current activities.

The Trojan also employs a timer that executes every second, resetting every minute, to search for new contact lists and installed app information. Post obtaining Accessibility permission, MMRat takes it up a notch by modifying device settings and collecting lock screen patterns. All these are sent to the Command and Control server, giving the malware operator the ability to unlock the device at will.

Protecting Yourself from MMRat Android Trojan

protecting yourself from mmrat android trojan
protecting yourself from mmrat android trojan

How can one protect themselves from this potent Trojan? The first line of defense is always downloading apps from trusted platforms like the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep your device software updated to mitigate such security threats. Users should also exercise caution when granting Accessibility permissions to apps.

My Conclusion: A Call to Vigilance

The rise of the MMRat Android Trojan serves as a stark reminder that cyber threats are continually evolving, requiring both individual users and corporations to remain vigilant. The Trojan has already been declared a “considerable threat” to mobile phone users. While it primarily focuses on Southeast Asia, given its rate of success and low detection rate, it could very well expand its horizons. Therefore, staying educated about the latest threats and implementing recommended cybersecurity best practices are your best defenses against this insidious foe.

By raising awareness and understanding its attack vectors, we stand a better chance of combating MMRat and similar future threats effectively.


What is the MMRat Android Trojan?

The MMRat Android Trojan is a highly potent banking malware targeting primarily Southeast Asian mobile users. It's capable of a wide range of malicious activities including bank fraud, device control, and personal data collection.

How is MMRat Distributed?

MMRat is mainly distributed through fake app stores and phishing websites. These websites are often disguised as official app platforms but are geared to trick users into downloading the malware.

What are the capabilities of MMRat?

MMRat has multiple capabilities including capturing screenshots, controlling victim's devices remotely, and extensive data collection. It also employs a customized Protobuf-based C2 protocol to improve its operational performance.

How does MMRat conduct bank fraud?

Once installed and granted necessary permissions, MMRat communicates with a remote server to which it sends personal and mobile data. It then uses this data to manipulate banking transactions fraudulently.

What data does MMRat collect?

MMRat collects a vast array of data including device status, installed apps, contact lists, keylogging data, and even the battery and signal strength. This information is then sent to a remote server controlled by the attacker.

How can users protect themselves from MMRat?

The best way to protect oneself from MMRat is to only download apps from trusted sources like the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Keep your device software up-to-date and be cautious when granting Accessibility permissions to apps.

What makes MMRat especially dangerous?

One alarming feature of MMRat is its use of a fully customized Protobuf-based C2 protocol. This allows it to transfer large volumes of data swiftly, making it highly efficient and dangerous.

Is MMRat detected by antivirus programs?

As of late August 2023, MMRat remained undetected on VirusTotal, making it an under-the-radar threat that poses a significant risk to mobile phone users.

Are macOS or iOS devices affected by MMRat?

MMRat is specifically an Android banking trojan, and there is no evidence to suggest that it affects macOS or iOS devices.

Who is most at risk from MMRat?

Mobile users in Southeast Asia are the primary targets, but given its rapidly evolving capabilities, it's possible that its geographical scope could expand.
By understanding the key aspects of MMRat Android Trojan, users can take necessary precautions to protect themselves from falling victim to this menacing malware.


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